Netflix has recently launched its season 2 of 'Sacred Game' series which has repeated star cast along with some new entries that have kept the audiences glued to their seats.

Reasons Guruji aka Pankaj Tripathi is our absolute favourite in Sacred Games 2 2

This series has added star such as Kalki Koechlin as Batya and Pankaj Tripathi as Guruji who has portrayed the character of mysterious ‘Baba’. He is actually the mastermind in this series who was at the back of Gaitonde and Nuclear blast.

In the repeated star cast are featured Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde and Sartaj role played by Saif Ali Khan, again.

Audiences have already liked Pankaj Tripathi when they watched the leaked audition tapes in which the actor delivered his guruji’s line with his customary perfection. It appeared as if the character has been sketched for him specifically.

Reasons Guruji aka Pankaj Tripathi is our absolute favourite in Sacred Games 2

The video has 2,79,780 views since its release on YouTube on August 16. The caption underneath video read the comment of show producer and director who are overwhelmed by Pankaj’s performance. It reads that “We knew Pankaj was perfect for guruji role but we didn’t understand how perfect he was until we saw this ourself”.

Pankaj as Guruji has played the role of a scary and mind-affecting religious leader who would lead his followers into believing him and following his footsteps with convictions and convenience.

Season 2 of the Sacred Games has every character perfect for its role and Tripathi is one of the cult hit among the fan of director Anurag Kashyap’s work. Viewers of the show believe that it is Guruji’s character which is snatching away all the limelight in the series. He is more like a ‘third Baap of Gaitonde’ in the Sacred Game season 2, following Gaitonde’s biological father and Daljit Singh, Sartaj’s father.

Reasons Guruji aka Pankaj Tripathi is our absolute favourite in Sacred Games 2 1

Pankaj was hardly seen at the beginning of the series and was only heard about later; which was the build-up for the character.

Guruji brainwashed Ganesh Gaitonde and made him leave his all-powerful criminal world.

Pankaj ‘s role is so powerful and strong in the series that it has almost weakened the most glorious and talked about roles of season 1. His dialogue delivery, calm composer and a superb flawless way of enacting the role have made him an instant hit.

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