Read to know the full story of Sacred Games S1

Here’s Full Story of Sacred Games Season 1

Sacred Games, the series became a hit altogether, since the day of the release. Season 1 has been spectacular and engaging. And today, we are up with a short summary of the season for you. Read below to know more, before you start watching it!

The bunker and Trivedi’s death

Sartaj Singh, found more about the attack to devastate Mumbai in the wake of finding a bunker underneath Ganesh Gaitonde’s home. Inside the bunker was Trivedi, who gave off an impression of being dead and was loaded up with all the things to protect himself from the attack. Which implied, that attack was ongoing, and Sartaj trying to stop the attack and save the city!

The ultimate attack

Sartaj found that weapons were being provided with the ongoing deal which included the Union Home Minister. Sartaj also discovered about the connections between Gaitonde and DCP Parulkar. Though we don’t get to know much about the attack, it’s viable that, it was a religious war, threatening the city and its people!

The connection between Sartaj and Ganesh Gaitonde

The connection between the mafia top dog and the cop (Sartaj) was uncovered after it came out that Sartaj’s dad was thoughtful to Gaitonde’s during his detainment. As a jail monitor, Sartaj’s dad basically kept Gaitonde alive with food and water when he was just kept in there to die and rely on dust.

Guruji, Gaitonde’s third father

Sartaj finds a clip of Guruji at Gaitonde’s bunker, where he speaks about the mandalas. Gaitonde additionally said that Guru Ji was his third father and plays a pivotal role in his life. Season two will showcase that Guru Ji is the significant player and the ultimate player.

The wreck of Gaitonde’s gang

Gaitonde took a back after his better half Kukoo (Kubra Sait) was slaughtered. In spite of getting hitched and discovering content and peace, this didn’t keep going long either after his wife too got killed. Gaitonde was encircled by his enemies taking control over his business.

The death of Anjali Mathur

Anjali Mathur (Radhika Apte) was slaughtered after she got too close to knowing the truth. Sartaj, later on, discovers more about and finds more hints on who killed Anjali Mathur, and he was successful to earn clues to the nuclear attack, like Anjali’s work, helped him to do so!

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