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AIB's Rohan Joshi is one of the most loved comedians in India because his observations are our observations but he makes it way funnier and interesting!

Stand up comedian Rohan Joshi best moments that will make you LOL

He is fondly called #mojorojo in the industry and it is his successful career as a comedian that has made him a national and global brand in no time. Rohan Joshi is one of the rising stars in the Indian comedian industry and his stand-up gigs are very well acclaimed.

He started his career as an Indian TV journalist with the CNBC. Rohan Joshi is possibly as towny (from South Bombay) as it gets and hates anyone who uses SMS language and love chicken very much. He is sometimes called as Rojo as an abbreviation of his name but more often than not, he is referred to as the face of the comic company known as AIB (All India Bakchod) because of his connections with IIT Bombay and with Bollywood.

When it comes to Rohan Joshi it is not just a few witty comments and jokes that make you laugh, because his style of comedy goes much deeper than that and his USP genres are the ones in which he definitely surpasses most comedians in:

His humor is observational, sarcastic and often laced with social commentary about the city, the country, and their idiosyncrasies. He makes fun of everything that is regressive, intolerant, and bigoted.

His best one-liner for us would be, “I have to come out the closet…I am a Gujarati, okay? And I’m not afraid to say it anymore! I apologize to you guys for Himesh Reshammiya but that’s it!”

We relate to him, we love him on stage and in all his many many feeds he keeps us glued with on social media and we want to watch one of his videos just as a stress reliever time and again. Such is the impact of Indian comedian Rohan Joshi.

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