Ragini Khanna vents on the web obsession with skin show

It is tougher to become emotionally naked, than just being bare bodied: Ragini Khanna

TV superstar Ragini Khanna (Sasural Genda Phool), who has also tried to make a mark in films (Gurgaon), is open to doing interesting web series as well. “For me, the director is very important. I have to be creatively involved in the making process and need someone who I can engage with. If that does not happen, I feel suffocated.”

Here she adds, “I really don’t get the entire bold talk surrounding web content. Edgy is not about stripping and abusing; rather, it is in the head or personality, eg my Preet character in Gurgaon, who rebelled against the system, was bold; showing menstruation years back on TV in Bhaskar Bharati was also in the same vein.”

“We all have the same body, so how can one person be different from the other? Sex appeal lies in what you think and say. A person may be completely naked. Yet, once he or she opens their mouth, you might find them yuck.”

“Originality is another sign of boldness for me. There are so many copies, but sadly, they are all put offs. I really appreciate the AIB, TVF gangs, for they remain true to their content. They don’t put up a façade on screen. They are what they are; even when they abuse, it is ok. No wonder people engage with them.”

Going on, she says, “Oomph is not in the clothes. Vidya Balan does not wear anything else, apart from saris. Yet she pulled off a powerful character in Dirty Picture. This just goes on to show that you can be fully clothed, yet bring out the most sexual vibes ever. In India, sex is added just because it sells, and not because of creative requirements. Have we not seen Hollywood films full of explicit scenes, yet they don’t make you cringe. Also, have all sex films worked? No, right? For they too need content.”

So would you be game for love making scenes, if the script requires? “It all boils down to how aesthetically my director presents it. As I said above, I leave everything on him/her. It is tougher to become emotionally naked, than just being bare bodied.”

Well said, Ragini.

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