Maanvi Gagroo is an absolute delight to watch on screen. We trace her journey back to her first ever acting gig.

All about TVF Tripling star Maanvi Gagroo

Maanvi Gagroo first rose to fame when she made her debut in web series with TVF Pitchers. Although the story was mainly focused on the journey of four men, she managed to shine on her own as Shreya, an independent girl who is also extremely understanding and supportive of her boyfriend.
Maanvi has since been a regular face on the Indian digital scene. One could even say she is one of the first female digital stars in India. But did you know acting was not always in the cards for this pretty actress?

Delhi girl Maanvi may have become a popular face on the web circuit but acting was something that just happened for her. Not many know that she is a trained kathak and jazz dancer. Her dancing skills came into use when Disney India held auditions across the country for a TV series called Dhoom Machao Dhoom in 2007. She auditioned and ended up winning the role.
All about TVF Tripling star Maanvi Gagroo
The actress came to Mumbai, shot for it and went back. She admits she had no plans of pursuing an acting career until one day she got a call for a role in the movie ‘Aamras’. On her sister’s insistence, she decided to give it a shot. Maanvi did the movie and decided to give herself a year in the industry.

Luck was on her side and the actress kept getting offers for movies and TV shows. But something that bugged her was the one-dimensional roles of the stereotypical bubbly Punjabi girl that she was being offered. She decided to go back to her hometown and continue with her studies. Maanvi enrolled herself in Gargi College for a psychology degree.
All about TVF Tripling star Maanvi Gagroo 1
But she couldn’t shake off her love for acting and decided to return. She joined the theatre circuit where she met TVF’s Nidhi Bisht. And that’s how she was introduced to the world of web series.
She found recognition with Pitchers but it was her role in her next web series TVF’s Tripling as Chanchal, the middle child among three siblings that propelled her popularity further.
Maanvi Gagroo hasn’t looked back ever since and is one of the most recognized faces in the Indian Digital space today.

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