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Avneet Kaur’s TikTok account is followed by too many people, her dancing videos have shot her into fame.

[Video] DANCING LESSONS from DID Little Master Avneet Kaur’s Tiktok

Avneet Kaur is the only eligible rival to Arishfa’s beauty at this point and she makes a pretty strong case for herself. Avneet’s credentials are very strong too. She first burst onto the scene as a dancer on the show ‘D.I.D. Lil’ Champs’ and then the only way was up, slowly making a name for herself as an actress and performing in shows like Meri Maa and Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga, to name a few. She even got great acclaim for her performance in the popular drama, Mardaani.

She is so damn talented, that it actually makes our heads spin. But, she has been spinning far longer than we have. We’re talking about her dancing abilities. Her early appearance on ‘D.I.D. Lil’ Champs’ really shot her through the roof in terms of popularity and fame. Ever since then, the sky was the limit for her. She has since honed her abilities. Evidence of the same can be seen through her TikTok videos.

She is such a good dancer that one is actually capable of learning how to dance from a beginner level just by watching her videos on social media websites.


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