Simran Kaur Mundi is back, this time on the digital space to entertain her fans. She is presently enjoying the love received for her latest webseries Broken But Beautiful for ALTBalaji.

“I am super thrilled with the response on the series. I honestly knew that the series will be good and will receive immense love. The team working on it is great and the series has come out fabulous. The most overwhelming part is that it has got genuine reviews and feedback.”

Simran continues, “I did a movie with Balaji so this was not my first association with them. They called me for the small special appearance and I told them that I need to read the script. However, after I read the script, I couldn’t stop myself to say yes for the series. This is the only web-series which solely focuses on heartbreak and how to overcome it. It is a fresh take on love with a twist.”

When asked about any heartbreak moment of her life, she avers, “Everyone experiences heartbreaks in their life when their loved ones leave them. I too have experienced the feeling. One thing you should keep in mind is never lose your self-respect. Love is all about giving but don’t give so much that the person starts taking you for granted. I have learnt from my heartbreaks and the show will also teach a lesson in a beautiful way.”

Simran feels web is a new platform for actors. “Web has given scope to a lot of actors. I have done 6 films but people used to call me for projects on the basis of my pretty face. However, after playing strong characters in Bar Code and Broken, they call me now for my acting talent. I have received rave reviews for my acting chops. It is an added medium and has opened new doors for the actors.”

Well said girl!