Palak Singh who is seen in Class of 2020, gets into a conversation. Read it here.

Web shows seem to cast reality show or Tik Tok stars: Palak Singh

Palak Singh who plays an essential part in ALTBalaji series Class of 2020 questions the webcasting format which seems to favour reality show contestants or Tik Tok stars.

“Something similar happened to Class of 2020 as well where apart from Rohan Mehra, the rest were not professional actors, taken based on insta followers.”

“The poor director had a tough time getting the goods out of them. They might get one show, but other project makers won’t spend too much time and efforts on them,” says this gal who has done 3 Gujarati feature films as leads.

“I was shocked at the amount of time they were taking to shoot one scene.”

Talking about her character, she says, “I play a sexually unsatisfied lady, who desiring young boys, seduces her devar (brother in law) played by Rohan. Gazala is not as bold as my Gandi Baat 3 avatar, but yes, there were lovemaking and kissing scenes.”

“I will not judge real-life women who do this as everyone has physical needs,” added she.

What has been the reaction on social media to your character? “While most have liked her, few have questioned the stripping part? I am glad I am not lambasted for going after a kid, for neither do I look like a real bhabhi and nor does Rohan look like a boy in front of me.”

Looking ahead, Palak will next be seen in Criminal Justice 2, “Where I have a juicy role along with Pankaj Tripathi’s on-screen wife. Then there is one more Primeflix series “, added she.

For the moment, Palak is happy with the web,” But if something juicy comes along on telly or Hindi cinema, I will surely take it up.”

Best of luck, girl!!



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