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Review of ALTBalaji’s Bekaboo: Too much of sex woven around an intriguing thriller

This is a tough one to write about, for how much can we write about love-making scenes?

Well, this in a nutshell is what ALTBalaji’s latest erotic thriller, Bekaboo (Victor Tango Entertainment) is all about. (Statutory warning: you are reading an adult review, not for kids and sanskari adults).

The 10 episode-series begins with a passionate sex scene on the railway tracks (horny guys, pls don’t try it in real life). Every episode has its fair share of bold content, e.g. breast baring (back view).

Meet successful erotica author, Kiyaan Roy (Rajeev Siddhartha), who openly claims that most of his material comes from his personal experiences (link to ending).

He is quite happy with his relationship with advisor and girlfriend, Anaysha (Madhu Sneha). They are about to get engaged. As it happens with most live-in couples, there is lots of sex and dirty pillow talk, e.g. you only want to get into my panties.

He then gets snared by an obsessive stalker, Kashti (Priya Banerjee), who uses very trick in the book to get him, for instance, seducing him in the sauna and befriending his fiancé.

Kashti uses the pain and pleasure tactic to make Kiyaan (who had written about the same) to go crazy about her. This also has a link to the end. The series reaffirms the common thinking that the easiest way to disarm a powerful man is to get into his pants (Apt title, must say).

Sleeping with a minor is rape. Hence all hell breaks loose when Kiyaan discovers that Kashti is just 17. She blackmails him into calling off his engagement with Anaysha, moving in with her and taking him for his every penny.

As the obsessive lover theme has been done to death in films before, the director (Akshay Choubey) has smartly changed the game on its head, and focused on the love-making parts instead. This is a clear attempt to win eye balls. Let’s not kids ourselves, sex always sells big time (porn is the biggest industry).

The biggest saving grace comes in the finale episode (that is if you reach so far), where few very shocking truths are revealed. We don’t want to spoil your fun by revealing them. It also has elements of #MenToo, where men are not bad. But again, I will not say more.

The climax brings into sharp focus on what societal expectations can make an ordinary woman endure. Moral of the story: beware of spy cam (see to understand).

Good job by the actors considering that this was a tight rope to climb in terms of the demands of the script.

Kudos to today’s generation of actors like Priya (has just done a story of Fuh Se Fantasy) and Madhu, who are ready to do what it takes. It isn’t easy. Many other girls will fight shy to go bare. A true actor should always be ready to try out all kinds of roles. So good job Rajeev, Madhu and Priya!!

To be honest, the sex part could have been restricted to some extent. But guess, this is what sells.

Having said that, this Vaibhav Modi-produced show has been shot very aesthetically by cinematographer Jay Bhanushali. It does not look vulgar like other similar genre shows.

Let us be clear. We are not taking a moral stand. The makers have clearly said that the content is for the above 18. And web, unlike TV, has no restrictions, so no laws have been broken.

Our only grouse is — there could have been more on the content level. We expected to be engaged (book/show writer is Novoneel Chakraborty, along with writers Vaibhav Modi, Anand Sivakumaran and Akshay Vishwanath). It is a no-holds barred sex show, for even Kiyaan’s manager is shown as a guy who can’t score. Varun (Jitentra Hirawat) uses his boss as a ruse to get French-kissed by a date. Then there is a funny BDSM scene.

Kiyaan’s mother-to-triplets associate, Natasha (Trishna Mukherjee) has also not got laid for three months.

If the series goes viral, as most sex-based content seems to be doing, the makers have left a thread open for a sequel.

We at credit 2.5 stars out of 5.

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