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Review of ALTBalaji’s Gandii Baat 3: Stays true to its sex only concept 

With a title like Gandii Baat, what can you expect from the third instalment of this popular rural adult Alt Balaji franchise, apart from sex, sex and only sex!

We saw three of the four episodes before putting out this review. All sanskari readers pls exit, lest you complain of Indian culture being violated.

As time passes, heterosexual intercourse has become passé now. Same-sex relationships are needed to create shock value. No wonder, all the three episodes had homosexual, lesbian or queer contours.

The first episode titled Rajkumar, which was based in Rishikesh, has housewife Ramiya (Neetu Wadhwa), who is quite frigid between the sheets with her husband Lakhan (Jatin Bhatia). She finds pleasure when the female masseur touches her bare body. They also show her making out with her female lover, complete with lip lock. Good to see that today, a lot of the new actors are ready to do what it takes.

Ramiya’s sister in law Bicchi (Pallavi Mukhejree) seems to be crazy about a boat named Rajkumar, and even does a teeny-weeny striptease for the inanimate object. Luckily for her, her old school bro decides to get her married to the boat in an attempt to clear dosh in her horoscope. But post suhag raat, she decides to stay with her hubby. Five months later, she comes back pregnant. Why don’t you see the show to find out how. There is also a firang angle.

The triplet friends of Bicchi added a lot of dirty masala talk (chappu), along with a vulgar-old-man character.

I did not get one thing – when Lakhan realized that Ramiya swings the other way, how come all hell did not break loose? Ramiya’s remark to her sister-in-law that marriage does not automatically translate into love was poignant. If there ever was an FM station like they showed in the story, will it not get banned for airing blasphemous content?

The final scene was interesting, which can be interpreted both as a threesome, or just living life on your terms.

The second story, Harpreet Weds Harpreet, was much more heavy sexually, beginning with a sex scene in the airport elevator.

Canada-going-to-Bhatinda dude, Joginder (Lalit Bisht) is made crazy by this nymphomaniac girl, Harpreet (Sheeva Rana), who always leaves him high and dry before asking for help to get out of marriage. She again lands up in his car and is all over him.

Joginder is shocked when he comes to know that the same girl could be marrying his male friend whose wedding he has come down to attend. His other friend Papi’s joke that he blew a fortune on his girlfriend’s marriage was fun.

This story also brings into acute focus the level of incestuous relationships happening in conservative families. The suffering spouse can’t scream foul lest shame comes on them.

Interestingly, even the bride Harpeet wants out of the marriage, preferring to study more.

The dialogue between him and Papi, when the latter refuses to help him out any more, was indicative of the social pressure in going against the tide. Rural India still frowns upon a couple even talking before marriage. No wonder, lots of illicit, unsafe sex happens behind closed doors.

Joginder gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that Harpreet was actually the bridegroom who had undergone a sex change operation.

We will again not reveal the ending. Could he not have blackmailed his incestuous friend to call off the wedding rather than doing what he did? And today, thanks to social media, you can’t hide anything, however far away you might be. Plus, did the passport not detail changes? Gandii Baat does force you to think that why should love happen only between a man and a woman.

The last episode we watched was Honeymoon On Wheels. To be honest, I found it a drag for the subject text was delayed and replaced with lots of lovemaking only. The scene where the traditional wife gets banged by someone else thinking him to be her hubby was funny. Also, the scene where the same couple does not get the meaning of chhatri (condom) was funny too. Last but not the least, another married woman was also playing the fool with someone else.

The screenplay left me completely baffled. Was there a chudail, or as the ending suggested, an attempt to hide a same sex/queer thingy? Even that does not work, for how come you get caught making out on the same day every year? And why do you need to snuggle in a bus? Can’t you find a shack for God’s sake? Alt Balaji mandarins, pls understand one thing that your huge rural/small town audience will not get suggestive stuff. You will need to spell it out in black and white for them.

Ideally the makers (Sachin Mohite) could have shot it in a classier way, but guess the crude louder style gets the eyeballs, so why upset the applecart?

Will not say much about the acting of all, for they did not have much to do other than keep dropping their clothes at the drop of a hat. Having said that, Pallavi and Lalit did stand out from the crowd. Shiney Dixit also acted well, and luckily for her, she did not have any bold scenes.

I just wonder, given the amount of sexual content available, should they not have gone a notch higher and gone on to show frontal nudity as well? Let’s face it, that is what your sex-crazy audience is tuning in for, right? And post Sacred Games, the boundaries of what is acceptable or not have undergone a sea change.

2/5 is our rating at IWMBuzz.com for Gandii Baat 3.

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