Subhash K Jha reviews Bahut Hua Sammaan

Review Of Bahut Hua Sammaan: A 2-Hour Nut-Fest

Bahut Hua Sammaan (Disney-Hotstar)

Rating: **

There are two types of failed comedies. The one made by a bunch of stupid people who think they are making an intelligent comedy. And the other where smart people think they are making a dumb comedy with dumb situations.

I am not sure which category Bahut Hua Sammaan falls in. Either way, it’s one giant mess, an abortive attempt at humour with clunky characters being placed in sticky situations from which they emerge looking like Santas who have lost their gift bags in a volcanic eruption.

It’s hard to describe what goes on in this 2-hour nut-fest, except to say that the characters seem to be driven into deadends by a lust for listlessness. There are two young super-losers Fundoo(Abhishek Chauhan) and Boney(Raghav Juyal) so witless that they probably wouldn’t twice before accepting a film like this if offered. They come under the influence of one Bakchod Baba(Sanjay Mishra) who goads them into robbing a bank.

Still interested?

This, mind you, is just the starter to the fart-fest. This is a film so enamoured of its own fatuousness, it thinks it’s making a Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron when in fact this is strictly Anees Bazmi bad-hair-day territory with dialogues so zippy they scatter and fall all over the place in helpless emissions of braindead pollution.

Most of the goings-on are purely annoying, for example these two goons from a moron’s lagoon named Raju and Bhola who love the same item-girl played by Flora Saini. Item girl, after a vigorous item(there is no difference here between homage and lampoon) is bludgeoned mercilessly to a bloodied pulp in the bathtub by a coldblooded assassin named Lovely Singh, played by the talented Ram Kumar who has lately discovered the evil side of his personality and enjoys being vicious. Have fun, Ram.

I am not too sure why Ram Kumar makes a belated entry into the rudderless plot, or what his connection to the above-mentioned Guddu, Fundoo, Raju, Bhola, Bakchod Baba, etc characters are. Not that it matters. We are hardly expected to care for these irredeemable louts.All 678 of them can go fly their kites.

The one character I kind of liked was that female cop Bobby Tiwari, played with discernible pleasure by Nidhi Singh. Bobby has balls and chutzpah though I doubt she knows how to spell the latter word. She also has a very devoted husband , played by that ever-interesting actor Namit Das, who is always looking for ways to impregnate his wife, with help from prayers and porn.

I wish the film was about the love story of Bobby and her husband rather than a rambling risible discourse on incurable stupidity, a characteristic shared by the protagonists and the people behind this clever-in-its-own-head comedy.

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