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Review: Vikram Bhatt’s Gehraiyaan on VIU

The OTT universe is seeing a gradual and impressive expansion and VIU is pushing the envelope with its intriguing, engaging original content.

VIU’s association with master filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has sent off befitting creative vibes and connect in the industry and audiences alike.

VIU’s one of the most talked about offerings, starring Indian television’s renowned faces, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Seth, is the horror story Gehraiyaan.

When Indianwikimedia decided to review the series, given the combo of Bhatt and horror coupled with web genre, one expected a sex feast, however, we were pleasantly surprised that there were no unnecessary intimate scenes to garner quick eyeballs.

Coming to the story and plot, the writers could have added more depth. The story of evil soul coming to take revenge was a bit hackneyed. Furthermore, if a ghost (Vatsal Seth) sleeps with a heroine, a certain amount of extra sensuality was needed which was missing.

Vikram’s choice for Sanjeeda to enact the part of Rayna is spot on. The beautiful actress has really grown as an actor, showing the required fear, helplessness and strength.  The characterization of her friend Shekhar (Trishaan, who always loved her) is jarring. The plot fails to properly explain why he ignores the seance’s advice.  Rishina Kandhari and Kajal Pisal are good in their respective parts as well.

Vatsal plays the evil flirt with panache, but he looks a bit say, grown up (we are used to relate to his Just Mohabbat days).

The show also suffers from the fact that the real horror begins only after the 4/5th episode, till then the plot lingers on the build-up story which reaches an engaging crescendo in the 6th episode. So will an impatient digital audience wait for so long to feel the jitters? Had the editing been crisper, the story could have wrapped up in 7 episodes, 10 seems a tad dragged. The big problem with digital is that you need to hold your viewer’s attention right from day one to last.

The treatment of horror is near perfect (can’t really go wrong with Bhatt at the helm of affairs), not too scary as kids might be watching too. The climax is tight and keeps one engrossed. Though, it remains a tad baffling why the good spirit did not use her powers to save lives at the church.  Last but not the least, we must point out that the background score did give us the occasional goosebumps.

All in all… a good effort

Rating: 3/5

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