Bose Dead Or Alive Director Pulkit is a cancer survivor

Bose Dead/Alive Director Pulkit is a cancer survivor

Rajkummar Rao’s Bose Dead/Alive has been truly one of the most fascinating and loved historical period drama in the web television platform. The project was based on India’s Biggest Cover-Up by activist Anuj Dhar and it happened to be an Alt Balaji original. Director of the project, Pulkit has been receptive to several accolades and appreciation since then but what questioned fans and cinema lovers was the fact that he simply disappeared for a long time since then.

Well, the mystery finally unravels today as in a facebook post, Pulkit opened up about how he was actually battling cancer to fight for his life.

Bose Dead/Alive Director Pulkit is a cancer survivor

When IWMBuzz exclusively got in touch with Pulkit to know his whereabouts, he was quoted as saying –

I’m perfectly fine now. Got over with my treatment. Thanks so much for the concern . Really appreciate it 🙂 ”

Well, we wish Pulkit a 100% speedy recovery. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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