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Dussehra – The inspiring Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil

Dussehra – Festivals of India

Dussehra holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, both young and old. It comes bang in the middle of the festive season, just after the nine days of the colourful Navratri festival. And it heralds the arrival of a festival even more special – Diwali, the crowning glory of Indian festivals.

Dussehra brings with it a keen anticipation of the vibrant festivities and effervescent merry-making that is to follow. However, that is not its calling card to fame. Dussehra signifies the age-old tradition that proclaims unequivocally – good will always triumph over evil and righteousness will eternally prevail over deception.

A nine-day Ramlila is held all over the country, where tales from the Ramayana are enacted by passionate actors before cheering crowds. On the tenth day, that is Dussehra day, devout revellers burn the effigy of Ravana, along with those of his demon brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnad, in a modern-day replay of Lord Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon. It is said that the ten heads of Ravana depict the ten evils that plague humanity, such as depravity, greed, lust, and so on. So, the next time when those ten heads are set afire, remember that it effectively means that we must rein in and conquer those ten human frailties within us.

The profound implication of this pulsating festival can only be matched by the numerous sparkling bhajans related to Dussehra that abound on the internet. The melodious and enchanting bhajans, mantras and stotras, when played on the blessed day of Dussehra, ring out in deep harmony with the blissful mood of the festivities. As the joyful bhajans resonate in homes, the environment is imbued with sublime energy and the festive atmosphere is cheerfully heart-warming!

We, at IWMBuzz, found some lovely YouTube channels that hold a wealth of soulful, evocative bhajans that can be played on the occasion of Dussehra to amplify the festive spirit. Here are a few YouTube channels dedicated to bhajans that we found especially valuable –

https://www.youtube.com/user/SpiritualBhajans https://www.youtube.com/user/spiritualmantra    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRFO6Lo5Tt4bx_9vStKYwvQ

Log on to these YouTube channels and let the heavenly magic of the bhajans wash over you in soothing waves of bliss.

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