After having created a splash with its teaser, Disney Plus Hotstar has unveiled the trailer of its upcoming series, Gunaah. The series follows the story of Abhimanyu, played by Gashmeer Mahajani, who embarks on a journey of vengeance after a betrayal. Produced by Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd, Gunaah also stars Surbhi Jyoti and Zayn Ibad Khan in key roles. The show will be dropping new episodes every day from Monday to Friday starting June 3, 2024.

Directed by Anil Senior with Anirudh Pathak as the showrunner, Gunaah is a tale of survival and retribution where every move is a masterstroke and every sin has its price. Dancing on the tightrope between good and evil, the series promises a gripping saga that’ll deliver a daily dose of entertainment. With new 20-30-minute short episodes released every day, the series aims to keep the viewers engaged for a long time.

Mautik Tolia, Managing Director at Bodhi Tree Multimedia Ltd said, “Gunaah has been a labour of love and hard work, and we are incredibly proud to have collaborated with Disney+ Hotstar to bring the story to life. With its complex characters and gripping narrative, we aim to keep the users hooked and provide them with daily entertainment. We hope that the audiences like it.”

Director Anil Senior shared his vision for the series, “With Gunaah, we wanted to explore the complex nature of a hero turned anti-hero. The show delves into the themes of justice, love, betrayal, and revenge, blurring the lines that define them. Our goal was to create a narrative that takes the viewers on an emotional journey of moral ambiguity. This project is very close to my heart and we’re excited that the audiences will get to see it for free on the Disney+ Hotstar mobile app.”

Expressing his excitement, Gashmeer Mahajani said, “Playing Abhimanyu has been a transformative experience. The character’s depth and the intense narrative make this a compelling story and it was a great pleasure working with the entire cast and crew of Gunaah. I have had the best time on this project with Surbhi Jyoti, she is an amazing actor and an even better co-star and friend.”

Surbhi Jyoti added, “The show’s fast-paced nature and intricate plotlines will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Tara’s journey is as intense and gripping as Abhimanyu’s, and I’m thrilled to bring her to life. Working on Gunaah has been incredibly rewarding and I’ve had the most fun working with Gashmeer and Zayn. They’re both brilliant in the series and we are all excited to bring to our fans this journey of love, challenges, conflicts and betrayal.”

Zayn Ibad Khan said, “Working on Gunaah was the best decision I ever made. From the moment I heard the story, I was excited to play Shiva. He is driven by his love for his friends and family. Some very intense sequences took an emotional toll but it was also an invaluable experience as an actor. I’ve enjoyed unravelling every bit of Shiva and his personality. It’s also an honor to be working with Disney+ Hotstar yet again after my last series with them.”