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Hanuman Jayanti – It’s time to celebrate the birth of India’s favourite, Pawanputra Hanuman!

Hanuman Jayanti – Festivals of India

If there is any deity in the Hindu pantheons of Gods that is universally loved and revered, it has to be Marutinandan, Hanuman. Everyone, from the young to the old, irrespective of caste, creed, class, and even religion, prostates before the unparalleled power of Hanuman.

Yes, even people of other religions, such as Islam, Sikhism and Jainism, invoke Hanuman, when they are beset by troubles of a celestial kind – that is, when they are faced with the prospect of the powerful Shani playing havoc in their astrological charts, and thus, in their lives.

The all-powerful, all-consuming Shani is truly the great leveller. Shani does not discriminate. It afflicts everyone equally ­– rich or poor, male or female, Hindu or Muslim. No one can escape the justice meted out by the potent Shani.

But if there is one divine being who even Shani obeys without question, it is Hanuman. The power of Hanuman overrides even that of Shani’s. Hanuman is the most powerful of Hindu Gods, but surprisingly easy to please. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa on a regular basis is the easiest way to please Hanuman, have him cast his benevolent eye in your direction and save you from the ire of Shani. Just kidding, folks!

Yet, the fact remains that Hanuman is a kind, generous and loving God, who is easily pleased by the passionate chanting of mantras and shlokas by his devotees. It is said that ‘Bhoot, pret nkat nahi aave, Mahabir jab naam sunave’, which means that the chanting Hanuman’s name even keeps ghosts and spirits at bay.

That is the reason the first thing mothers teach their young children is to chant the Hanuman Chalisa. It gives them the strength and power to face the toughest situations in life. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the day when Hanuman was borne out of the essence of Pawan, the God of Wind. Being Pawan’s son has bestowed the unequalled power of the wind on the Monkey God.

There are numerous bhajans and mantras dedicated to Hanumanji that can be easily found on the net.

Sifting through numerous resources available online, we zeroed in on the best. Here are several YouTube channels that have the best bhajans, chants and mantras available in praise of Lord Hanuman ­–




Hanuman Jayanti is an especially auspicious time to play these bhajans and suffuse your homes with the power of divinity, tranquillity and spirituality. It is the easiest way to invite the divine Lord Hanuman into your home, and then into your heart!

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