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Mahashivratri – Celebrating the celestial coming together of two powerful divine beings

Mahashivratri – Festivals of India

Mahashivratri is the night of Shiva, the night when he became bound to his consort Parvati in the eternal pledge of marriage. It is the night when he consummated the divine bond he shared with the Goddess. And earthlings erupted in joy, delight and ecstasy at the celestial coming together of these two powerful divine beings.

Mahashivratri is celebrated across the country with fasting, feasting and merry-making. Lord Shiva is the reigning deity of dance and music. Hence, this happy occasion is celebrated with the singing of lots of lyrical, uplifting bhajans, the chanting of powerful mantras and the playing of drums, dhols, nagadas and manjiras, to the soulful words of the bhajans.

The electrifying influence of the occasion has to be seen to be believed. The atmosphere fills with the sounds of the powerful chants and the air resounds with the equally potent vibrations of the mantras.

The mantras and bhajans associated with Mahashivratri have the power to transform any space into one abounding with positive vibes and crackling energy. As soon as the bhajans and chants rent the air, you can feel the dynamic vitality in the environment around.

We, at IWMBuzz, went looking for the best sources of powerful bhajans, mantras and shlokas that could recreate the vibrancy and effervescence of this supremely divine festival. And we found a veritable treasure trove of spirituality and fervour in these YouTube channels. Here are the links of the YouTube channels we liked best –

The bhajans that we found on these YouTube channels are powerful enough to strike a chord in your heart and send a tingle of delight down your spine. Listen to them on loop, and lose yourself in the divine thrill of the moment.

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