Meiyang Chang the singer and actor has sung a song for the web-series.

Meiyang Chang sings a romantic number for Viu India’s web-series, Try-Sexuals

Meiyang Chang, the singer cum actor will be seen in the upcoming Viu India web-series, Try-Sexuals in a very intense role!

However, his penchant for romance got fulfilled when the Director offered him with an opportunity to sing a romantic number in the same series!!

Yes, Meiyang has recorded a romantic Bengali number for the series is what we hear. The song will be picturized on the leads Rajat Barmecha and Tara Alisha Berry.

As we know, Try-Sexuals produced by Mango People Media (Neha Anand and Victor Mukherjee) has a stellar cast that includes actors Rajat Barmecha, Tara Alisha Berry, Meghana Kaushik, Paras Tomar, Gaurav Chopra, Jaya Bhattacharya, Samir Kochhar in pivotal roles. Also Meiyang Chang will be part of the series in the capacity of an actor too.

When contacted, Chang told, “I have not heard the final version of the song yet. But yes, I have sung a Bengali song for the series to come. The director of the series, Victor Mukherjee has himself composed the song and written the lyrics too. The song is going to be part of the romantic track of the lead characters.”

Way to go, Chang!! We look forward to swinging to the song’s music and melody!!