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Neha Kakkar gets into her own and displays a series of emotions and challenges friend Avneet Kaur. Check here.

Neha Kakkar’s #MoodSwingChallenge for Avneet Kaur

Neha Kakkar the singing great is a superb actor too!! As Neha keeps herself busy being inside her cosy home, she gets into new challenges and keeps her friends busy too!!

Today’s challenge saw Neha Kakkar throw the #MoodSwingChallenge at good friend Avneet Kaur.

Yes, Neha in the way of a song showed varied emotions and mood display which included being happy, sad, seductive, sarcastic, angry etc.

Her change of emotions displayed her class as an actor which her fans will love and admire!!

Check out the video here and you will fall in love with Neha’s antics here.


So cute Neha!! We look forward to Avneet Kaur the TikTok star reciprocating to this #MoodSwingChallenge of Neha!!

Watch this space at for updates.

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