Avneet Kaur mentions CarryMinati in a post

Revealed: TikTok queen Avneet Kaur’s secret connection with Youtube king CarryMinati

Avneet Kaur and CarryMinati are two of the brightest and finest young stars of the country.

While Avneet is the queen of short format videos like TikTok (now banned), CarryMinati is the numero uno Youtuber of the country.

Avneet is known for her cute dance videos, Carry is famous for his roast videos.

And guess what? There is a secret connection between Avneet and Carry.

Well, hold on to your horses and don’t get salacious, we are talking about a post which Avneet shared earlier in the day and she mentioned CarryMinati in it.

She wrote: Carryminati ke roast jaisi hit hai

Gym daily jaaye billo fit fit fit hai

Well, Avneet and Carry are a hit Jodi, for sure.

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