TVF explores the wacky side of friendship, fun and life with its new original series TVF Inmates

TVF releases crazy new urban comedy web-series, Inmates

TVF explores the wacky side of friendship, fun and life with its new original series TVF Inmates

Wonder what happens when two girls and three boys live together? Find out with the new original series from the house of TVF Inmates which releases on October 13. After launching a range of successful web-series like TVF Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Tripling, The Viral Fever partners with MidasCare, to bring a unique yet fun journey of five friends with its new original series called TVF Inmates. Set in a flat in Mumbai, TVF Inmates is a story of 5 friends with outrageous personalities who live together and all hell breaks loose creating over the top situations leading to hilarious results. Aptly, the house becomes a madhouse!

Set in the 21st century Mumbai apartment, a group of friends, who fight, bicker yet support each other. Each day is a new story as these friends maneuver through each other in a way that brings out their best and the occasional worst. Rahul (played by Raghav Kakkar), is a rich Delhi boy with a heart of gold and the acting talent of a laughing gas cylinder; Madhav (played by Ashish Verma), is a corporate hotshot with zero history of proximity with women; Richa (played by Akansha Thakur), a casting director who is just living her life one step at a time; Kay (played by Mukti Mohan who makes her web-series debut), a wannabe DJ who is fed up of Goa and her half-brother Fooga (played by Kashyap Kapoor), whose search for his long lost gangster father is going nowhere.. Their problems are modern, their reactions Indian. The heart of the story is their friendship. This journey is of the young adults, kept together by the house they live in, is a comedic presentation of the lifestyle of the urban millennial. Written by Raghav Raj Kakker & Kashyap Kapoor, directed by Yazad Anklesaria and developed by Shreyansh Pandey, Inmates has a 5-episode run, with new episodes coming every Friday.

You can check out the trailer here:

Talking about the refreshing content from the house of TVF originals Shreyansh Pandey, AVP Content Strategy, said, “Lights, Camera.. Experiment!’ has always been the motto behind the story-telling at TVF. With TVF Inmates, we wanted to bring alive the phase of friends living together. It is a process wherein strangers become friends and become a very important part and parcel of our personal lives. Next on TVF Originals is TVF Inmates, a whacky situational comedy in a mad house with 5 immensely quirky characters.”

Speaking about the series, Shivangi Gupta, Director – Midas Care shared, “Spraymintt as a brand offers a very innovative product. Right from the medium of delivery – a mouth freshener spray can, to the product itself – over 8 flavours that make you kiss ready in just 1 sec! So who better to collaborate with than the forever innovating TVF. I just loved TVF INMATES the time I heard the concept, the idea. I love the characters and the well scripted situations. You know how long it took me to decide on backing TVF INMATES? Just 1 sec!”

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