Amit Bhadana the YouTuber’s new work Dil Se.. is his story said in a very honest way, coming directly from his heart.

YouTube King Amit Bhadana’s Dil Se: Tale Of The Man Who Has Made People Laugh

Amit Bhadana the YouTube Sensation has come a long way, from being the ‘desi’ to hit the YouTube world with his unique content!!

From seeing the sorrow of losing his father at a young age, and from not having the macho looks that many possess in the entertainment industry, Amit has always gulped down his sorrow and made people around him laugh!!

He says that he has this uncanny knack of hiding his pain and wiping out his tears, to make his fans happy!!

Today, at 1.30 pm, Amit Bhadana launched his next video, Dil Se, which is an honest, emotional talk of the man which certainly comes from his heart!!

The moment we saw it, we were bowled, overseeing his courage to fight and win for himself!!

Today, he is a mighty 20 million family on YouTube with fans of all ages loving him and his work!!

Dil Se will only add more praise to his work, and this is one honest man who only believes in working hard, no matter for what life has had to offer him!!

Too inspirational!!