Be YouNick announces cameo in San Andreas 2 with Shri Dwayne Johnson

YouTuber Be YouNick to work with Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas 2

YouTube creator Be YouNick aka Nikunj Lotia has taken the internet over by a storm.

After beginning his career by recording short fun videos along with his friends, Nikunj today has a fan-base of close over 900K followers on Instagram with a whopping 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He took to Instagram and announces the final episode of his international collaboration and revealed that he will be doing a cameo in Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming film, San Andreas 2.

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Super stoked to announce the GRAND FINALE of my International collaboration series and the reason for my LA visit, Shree Dwayne Johnson, aka @therock himself! You guessed it right, I will be playing a small role in the upcoming San Andreas 2 movie! On this date in 1998, I became a fan of this new young WORLD CHAMPION. His style – unlike anyone, his swag – unique! His Physique – Almost mere jitna… Jokes asides, It was incredible meeting this gem of a human, even if it were 22 years later! While the movie release has been delayed due to the lockdown, the collaboration video is coming tomorrow. Thank you ROCK! Thank you Warner Brothers! Thank you BYNIONS. THIS wouldn't have been possible with out your love and support. #NustaPrem #SanAndreas2 #CreateTogether

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Good luck!!

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