Shirish Kunder who is presently working on his first web-series for the digital platform talks about the power of the medium.

The digital platform is content driven with the shift being in favour of writers – Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder the ace film maker is all geared up to test the waters of the digital market!!

An electronic engineer by profession, Shirish is one of the most sought after Producer and Director in the film industry.

As per his recent announcement on social media, Shirish is looking forward to venturing into the world of web-series. talked to the talented man and he told us, “The digital platform gives more freedom to people like me. It is content driven than being star driven unlike the feature films. So the game here gets all the more exciting for content makers. As we have observed, the web-series brings to limelight little known to the not known actors who become stars. Also, the game shift is in favour of the writers on the web. Hence we see the best of writers moving to this platform. I am game for this power shift.”

Shirish revealed that his web-series is at a very nascent stage and there is nothing to disclose. However, he confided the genre of the web-series. “I am making a crime thriller and that is what I can reveal at the moment. Every medium has its own popular genre. Thriller is the most popular genre on the digital platform. If you ask me, thriller is the most engaging genre, especially the crime related concepts.”

Shirish’s web-series will go on floor in March 2018 is what we get to hear!!

Let’s look forward to this biggie’s work on the web!!

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