Check how Avneet became the pout queen

5 pics that are proof Avneet Kaur is the ultimate pout queen

Well, despite its meaning as the UK dictionary says, disappointment or displeasure; the world seems to go maniac about pout, from men to women all are crazy about pout! But the logic is quite legit and plausible, it’s simply not to show that awkward “say cheese” smile, that gives an unprepared smile to your face, even you are not in the mood! Pout has different expressions to churn out, it could be of disappointment or trying to be funny or sometimes tickly!

From common men to high talked celebrities, like Avneet Kaur, Jannat Zubair all are into the pout posing business! They are young lady to be of 2020, and they worth the trend! Avneet Kaur looks absolutely darling whenever she pouts in front of the camera, with a naughty and tickly expression! And not just pout, she slays in every posture and in every attire!

Here are some of Avneet’s perfect pouts!

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