Check to see how Kaur is the ultimate makeup goddess

7 Times Fashionista Avneet Kaur Gave Us Major Makeup Goals!

Cosmetics goes path route back — even route before the Elizabethan period when ladies utilized powder to brighten their countenances and rouge to obscure their lips. Indeed, the antiquated Egyptians are known to have previously utilized the world’s initially set of beautifying agents. The ladies utilized consumed matches to obscure their eyes. In those days, berries weren’t only for eating also. These natural products were very significant in recolouring their lips.

Nonetheless, did you realize that it is accepted that so conceited were the ladies in those days that they even turned to utilize men’s pee to help their freckles and gulping oxblood to better their compositions? How things have changed in light of the fact that these confused convictions have for some time been exposed, and moreover that’s just a pile of bullshit!

The formation of cosmetics these days includes the utilization of logical examinations and investigations before making anything accessible to people in general.

It’s 2020, and it is to be admitted that it’s just a woman’s choice to put makeup on, or not! If makeup makes them confident, it is ok, if they don’t need it to wear confidence it is also ok. But with all that, it is also to be added that makeup has evolved, and has formed into more abstract and out of the box! The fashion industry and the renowned Makeup artists are all set to adapt different makeup looks, not just them, but our very own stars, who happen to be actors but are no less when it comes to makeup updo, like Avneet Kaur, our so favourite TikTok star, is overawing us with her recent makeup updos!

Today, we have listed 7 of her best makeup looks, here are the pics!

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