Avneet Kaur and her fitness schedules will give you motivational goals to keep your body fit. Read here.

Avneet Kaur and her inspirational fitness routine

Avneet Kaur the popular actress, TikTok star and Youtuber is very keen on her fitness goals and puts herself to a constant self-motivated workout regime.

Her workout sessions happen daily and she ends the day by stretching out.

She believes in working out her abdominal muscles and strengthening it. Squats are what she prefers to achieve this goal.

Avneet often takes out for cycling escapades as she feels that cycling will help her abs. Even if she does not have a cycle with her, she will continue to do this exercise by getting into such a position on the yoga mat.

Avneet also takes to dips to strengthen her arms and legs.

There are times when Avneet will hit to a treadmill for physical exertion.

Jump rope is her most sought out means for cardio exercise. She also loves to brisk walk when she has time.


Do you like Avneet’s body shape? If so, all is the result of her rigorous workout schedule.

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