Have a look at Nikhil and Anita's love moments from What The Folks

What The Folks: Nikhil and Anita’s love moments

What The Folks aka WTF! is a web series by Dice Media, which brings to the audience a web series from the dramedy genre. The audience is enjoying the drama, comedy, romance, and the bittersweet moments that the lead couple Nikhil and Anita share on What The Folks.

Nikhil and Anita’s story went viral after their sparkling chemistry was aired on Dice Media and since then the couple has been adored and loved by the fans. The Jodi shares a lovely bond that is very realistic and relatable to the young digital audience. What The Folks (WTF!) is a five-part web series that is aired on Dice Media’s YouTube and Facebook page as well.

The role of Nikhil is played by Dice Media star, Veer Rajwat, and the role of Anita is portrayed by Eisha Chopra. The first season of What The Folks (WTF!) is one of the most intriguing editions as it shows gender reversal, whereby Nikhil moves to his wife Anita’s parents’ place because of his job.

What The Folks (WTF!), unlike any other web series, talks about gender roles with a wide view and changes one’s view about gender stereotypes in general.

Nikhil and Anita are the married couple, who like every other couple, fight, argue but in the end, find their way towards each other, no matter what. The romance and chemistry that Nikhil and Anita share is very realistic and lovely.

Let us have a look at some of Nikhil and Anita’s love moments from What The Folks. Enjoy!

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