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The comedy musical drama goes live on 24th August, 2018

Bollywood Singing Maestros come together for Viu’s upcoming series Banned

The web space is evolving and the popularity for watching series is going unmatched. Great musicians and lyricists have also taken storm to these platforms. ‘Banned’ is Viu’s upcoming comedy musical drama series which includes some of the music industry’s biggest names coming together to form melodious tracks. The quality of music is top notch and has an essence of rebel and youth-filled emotions.

After working on hits such as Dev.D, Phillauri, Udta Punjab amongst others, the talented writer, lyricist and poet Shellee Singh Sodhi has written songs for Viu’s upcoming series, “Parag Chhabria, Utsav Nanda, Satyam Tripathi and I have worked for three long months to perfect songs for this series. We had to become the characters to be able to portray them in the songs. We have put a lot of hard work in it as we did not want to take it lightly as just another tv show. I have never seen any web series with such great music.”

Singing multiple songs for the series, the famous ‘Ruby Ruby’ singer from Sanju, Shashwat Singh added, “I guess we are all new to the web platform. But i am enjoying the experience of working with productions involved here.  Parag and Utsav, in their particular compositions have created magic. There is grandeur of cinematic music in this album, yet it is simple and organic enough to touch the audience’s hearts. This is my second time that i have sung for a web series. And i don’t want this train to stop.”

Entertainment has truely taken the next step in all aspects including music. To catch the latest songs written and sung by some of Bollywood’s amazing artists, stay tuned on Viu’s upcoming show ‘Banned’ which goes on floor from 24th August, 2018.

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