“Elated with the love from the audiences”, Abhishek Banerjee said as his four shows got featured in the list of Top 50 IMDB Indian Web series

Abhishek Banerjee has been a terrific performer in the Indian entertainment industry and well, we love all his performances all the time. Well, it’s now time to check out some of his most incredible performances till date and well, we love him wholeheartedly all the time. Come check out

"Elated with the love from the audiences", Abhishek Banerjee said as his four shows got featured in the list of Top 50 IMDB Indian Web series 813904

Young, talented performers who are mesmerizing audiences with their extraordinary talent and variety of performances are in demand of the growing Indian film industry. One such name is Abhishek Banerjee, who needs no introduction. Abhishek is one of those artistic talents who has been everyone’s favorite and the talk of the town due to his extraordinary performances, the actor became a household celebrity and has attracted recognition for his performances both online and theatrically. He still stands out as the most promising performer in the field. The actor has captured people’s hearts with his performances in every film he has appeared in, from Stree to the most recent release of bhediyaa, demonstrating his status as a major player in Indian cinema.

Abhishek Banerjee continued to be the audience’s favorite. He came to attention with the film Stree, in which he gave an impressive performance in the comic genre. Following this, he appeared in Dream Girl and in blockbuster web shows like Pitchers, Mirzapuir, Pataal Lok, and Rana Naidu, which rose him to prominence. The actor never typecast him in a specific genre and gave splendid performances in every genre of film and show.

The reputable website IMDB recently published a list of the top 50 Indian web shows, which included four shows featuring Abhishek Banerjee name as Pataal Lok, Rana Naidu, Mirzapur and Pitchers. The actor felt honoured by this and said, “I am very happy to see four of my much loved shows featured in the list. This is an incredibly proud moment for me. The characters I portrayed in these four series were very different from one another, and it was the toughest task to play them but I enjoyed playing them as they explored me as an actor. And I’d like to thank my audiences ,they watched these performances and adored my character; because I am what I am is because of my fans and audiences and without their support, this journey would have not been possible.” Sharing a interesting fact about his much acclaimed performance as Hathoda in Pataal Lok he says,
My mom didn’t like my role as Hathoda Tyagi in the show, but she loved my role in Bhediyaa.

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