LiveMint has unveiled an AI-themed Union Budget 2024. This budget presents a great opportunity for brands to surge ahead.

LiveMint Unveils Al-Themed Union Budget 2024: An Opportunity for Brands to Surge Ahead

LiveMint, which is currently the world’s fastest-growing news website according to Similarweb as of September 2023, is planning to launch reader and advertiser engagement initiatives for the upcoming Union Budget 2024. The theme of Mint’s Union Budget offerings will be centered around Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing a unique platform for brands to showcase their alignment with innovation and India’s unlimited potential.

Mint is a prominent finance and business news publication in India. It has a comprehensive newsroom that covers national, international, and business news with a presence in 65 cities through 9 editions. According to Comscore MMX Multi-platform, Business/Finance News Publishers, November 2023, India, Mint has an impressive 124 million total views and 30 million total unique visitors. Mint is ranked as the #2 Business News Platform in India, with a vast reach that extends across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Furthermore, Mint is the #1 Visited Business News platform in India on mobile, according to Comscore MoMX, Total Visits, Business/Finance News Publishers, September 2023, India.

According to LiveMint Internal Data, Mint’s audience comprises 33.3 million individuals from the BFSI sector. Among these, there are 25 million active investors, 15 million of which invest in the stock market. The audience also includes a diverse group of finance enthusiasts. This year’s Union Budget is the 6th presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. It is built upon the pillars of inclusive growth, macroeconomic stability, and sustainable development. The budget focuses on various sectors, such as manufacturing, IT, renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, auto, pharma, retail & e-commerce, BFSI/fintech, SMEs/MSMEs.

Mint has introduced some new features that set it apart from other news sources. These include a chatbot called #AskMint, which uses AI to answer user questions about the budget. Mint is also focusing on specific sectors, producing custom video content, and engaging with readers in a variety of ways. The #AskMint chatbot has access to previous budget data and will be updated with the latest information on Budget Day 2024.

Mint has launched a new plan to engage its readers. The plan includes daily budget quizzes with rewards for the winners, polls, and personalized summaries of key budget announcements. The plan is designed to encourage daily consumer engagement and will be promoted through in-app push notifications, quarter-page print ads, digital display banners, and prominent web/app header banners. This innovative approach by Mint for Union Budget 2024 is aimed at providing a dynamic and interactive experience for the audience.

Three-Phase Approach: Pre-Budget, On-Budget Day, and Post-Budget

Mint’s digital platform will provide comprehensive coverage in three phases-Pre Budget, On Budget Day, and Post Budget-across desktop site, mobile app, microsite, and social media. The pre-budget phase includes content addressing personal finance, impact on income tax, and more, fostering user engagement through articles, videos, tools, widgets, and social media posts.

Live Coverage and Streaming on Budget Day

On the budget announcement day, Mint plans to elevate its coverage with live streaming of the Finance Minister’s budget speech, ensuring maximum visibility. Key announcements affecting industries and the common man will be highlighted, accompanied by market update widgets and budget ratings, providing real-time data and expert insights.

Post-Budget Analysis

The post-budget phase on LiveMint will feature an in-depth analysis, reactions and takeaways from industrialists, sectoral and market analysis, providing a holistic view of the budget’s impact.

Mint has developed a three-phase approach that offers various sponsorship opportunities for brands to reach their target audience through digital and print collaborations. In addition to this, there are several ancillary sponsorship options such as sectoral sponsorship, CXO roundtables, and budget interviews that promise high engagement with the discerning Mint audience.

Mint’s coverage of the Union Budget 2024, powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to help brands connect with their target audience through a theme that resonates with the future. With a highly engaged audience and consistent momentum, Mint provides a unique platform for brands to showcase innovation, align with futuristic themes, and make a lasting impact during this critical juncture in India’s economic landscape. This was stated by Puneet Jain, Chief Executive Officer of HT Digital.