TVF has been gearing itself up with a new strategy and planning the next seasons of its Hit Shows.

TVF, the maker of Panchayat & Kota Factory, gears up for next season of its hit shows after lockdown

COVID-19 seems to have created quite a ripple in the business world with every company trying to figure the best way to tide this once in a century wave. TVF, one of India’s most loved Online Content Company, which has delivered this year’s most loved Web-Series in Panchayat & Kota Factory is no different. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, also known as the pioneer of Online content & Web-series in India, TVF has been gearing itself up with a new strategy and planning the next seasons of its Hit Shows.

TVF was the 1st player to have pioneered the era of Web-Series and Online branded content in India and then later tried different initiatives in Technology etc. but in Post COVID world, it has reorganized its strategy and is going to focus on its core competence of Story Telling. With recent hit shows like Flames, Kota Factory and Panchayat, TVF will continue to partner with OTT Platforms / Brands and deliver the bestvalue for them, with its core team behind these shows”. said Vijay Koshy, the newly appointed President of TVF, who will lead the company on the road ahead.

Vijay, who joined TVF in September 2016 and built the Business team from grounds up, with his over 20 years of experience in the business of content with huge companies like Star, Sony, ESPN, RBNL etc. has taken over from the old management which was hired from Silicon Valley to drive TVF’s Technology initiatives.

The Director of Panchayat, Deepak Mishra is working on his next big project set again in heartland and the Director Of Kota Factory and Flames, Raghav Subbu  and Apoorva Karki are planning on next season of their shows.

TVF stands for telling great stories and while times keep changing our mission of telling great stories continues to be unaffected since 2012, since I was the part of the 1stvideo of TVF”, said Deepak Mishra a founding team member of TVF, who is working on his next at TVF after Panchayat.

Arunabh Kumar, who founded TVF, incorporated as Contagious Online Media Network Pvt. Ltd. in 2015 and recently took the role of full time CEO in his latest Comic Book Venture called “Indusverse Publishers Pvt. Ltd.”, continues to mentor TVF & guide its team.

Since inception TVF has delivered some of the highest rated shows in the world from India like TVF Pitchers with Kingfisher, Flames for MX Player and Kota Factory with Unacademy, just to name a few. Their latest show “Panchayat” which streamed on Amazon Prime Video received rave reviews and ended up being the 6th show from TVF to be in IMDB Top 250 list of Shows in the World.

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