Pammi Aunty is blessed with a grandson

Pammi Aunty becomes ‘Dadi’

Social media sensation Pammi Aunty, who rules the internet, is all set to welcome a new member in the family.

Well, Pammi Aunty has become Dadi as she is blessed with a grandson.

Pammi Aunty, who is none other than actor Ssumier S Pasricha, famous for creating viral videos, shared the news on Instagram.

Commenting about the entire mystery behind this grandson of Pammi Aunty, Ssumier shared with IWMBuzz, “There is no mystery behind Pammi’s grandson. Pammi is now dadi for which she has been waiting for a long time. After 4-5 years of his son’s marriage, she is finally happy that a new member is there in the show. The new drama will start in her life. Now, that is a mystery what will happen next. The dadi avatar of Pammi will come instead of the mother-in-law one.”

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