Ssumier Pasricha speaks to IWMBuzz on his new Pammi Aunty stint...

Pammi Aunty is back with Jio Studios and Jio Cinema –  Ssumier Pasricha

Ssumier Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty is back and this time in conjunction with Jio Studios and Jio Cinema. He has made a new episode of his loud Punjabi lady avatar on the lockdown affecting weddings featuring major actors apart from himself like, Jayati Bhatia, Nimisha Vakharia, Smita Bansal, Maniesh Paul, Gunjan Utreja, Rohit Roy, Karan Veer Mehra, Grusha Kapoor, Nilu Kohli, Danny Sura, Rohit Verma, Madhu Chandhock.

“The conversation shown to be taking place in room revolves around postponing the date of the wedding, costumes, caterers, celeb singers and other issues plaguing several such middle-class marriages currently under the scanner due to Covid- 19 outbreak,” says Ssumier in a chat with IWMBuzz.

“I am very grateful to above industry friends for graciously agreeing to be part of the project. Knowing how talented they are, I just messaged their dialogues, which they had to say speak looking left. I loved what they made and sent. I just requested a couple of them to up the tempo.”

Indeed, a laudable effort.

He adds, “This episode streaming tomorrow will start a new season of Pammi Aunty. I had stopped for a bit when I bounced this fresh idea with Jio Studios and Jio Cinema they greenlighted in quick time. The primary aim is to spread awareness to stay at home the wedding gets canned) but in an entertaining way. As creative artists, it is our responsibility to bring a smile to our front line health workers.”

In closing, coming to his lockdown routine, Ssumier says, “Since I am working from home anyway for the past four years, it is not much of a change. But I do miss the evening coffee session with friends”

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