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AltBalaji's Bose: Dead / Alive is a series which netizens should not miss. Recently the country has witnessed the death anniversary of one of the greatest Indian freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

5 Reasons Why ALTBalaji’s ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’ Is The Most Binge-Worthy Web-Series across OTT Platforms!

As long as he was alive, he had made a powerful impact on the whole nation and his death has also greatly affected the nation. It happened in the mysterious circumstances which took the whole nation by storm. Alt Balaji this series has captured his journey in a very impressive manner and one need to binge-watch the same as Ekta Kapoor has not failed to capture the mystery onscreen.

This series will keep you hooked at the edge of your seat with its gripping storyline, impeccable acting skills of the star cast, excellent script and dialogue writings and the unheard truth behind the mystery that are unveiled in it.

Let’s have a deeper look into the reasons that will keep you hooked-

1. Highly immersive storyline

Death of Netaji has always been a Jigsaw puzzle in the political circuit and has taken the nation by storm. This series has captured his journey right from his adolescence when he was an introvert of 14 years to his old brave Nationalist age of 48.

The series has an entertaining dose of fiction which has left the audiences mesmerized. Many movements in the series have won praises and applaud of the viewer’s such as Netaji beating up the British professor with his shoes, him forming the army under the nose of British and more.

2. Excellent star cast

The star cast in the series has been excellent that includes Rajkumar Rao in the lead role of Netaji. Rao is a perfectionist himself. With his looks and perfect acting skills, he has lived up every moment in the series, infusing life in the character and justifying Netaji’s role. Viewing him on the screen will give you the feel of real Subhash Chandra Bose walking in front of your eyes. He even got bald for the show so that he can get into the skin of the character.

3. Perfect script and dialogues

Nowhere in the series, would you feel that the script has weakened?  It has been very tightly woven around the storyline and the dialogues have been written in the very promising tone so that viewers are filled with nationalism. The series gives a peek into the inner layer of Bose’s passion with which he wanted Azadi for India.

The story has been narrated by Darbari Lal played by Naveen Kasturi, who was a hawaldar (constable) for British Raj and was appointed to spy on Bose. The series has been filmed from his point of view.

4. Superb background score

The soundtracks have been designed in the series by famous musician Dr G and Neel Adhikari. The background score is superb and it will make you high often. Some Bengali pop-rock songs have been played in the background to bring in the real feel of patriotism. Few tracks like Subhash ke Bojha Shokto,  Sauda Lahu ka, Tu Bhi free are some of the tracks from the series which are unforgettable.

So, let us binge-watch the series to know the national hero more closely.

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