Check out how Avneet Kaur is feeling romantic mid-sea while listening to popular song 'Lapata'

Avneet Kaur is feeling romantic and loved mid-sea on cruise, grooves to ‘Lapata’ from Ek Tha Tiger

Avneet Kaur is one of the most enchanting and admired divas in the Indian entertainment industry. The diva has been a part of the entertainment space for many years and we are super proud of her journey. She started her career long back as a child artiste and today, her hard work and efforts over the years have certainly yielded results. Her social media game is super strong and enriching and that’s what netizens love the most about her. Whenever she gets time away from her schedule, she loves to jet off for special vacations.

So, what’s the latest bit of fun and entertainment happening at her end ladies and gentlemen? Well, her latest video proves the fact all the way more that she’s a cute water baby and we are absolutely loving how she’s chilling with the popular song from ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ movie playing in the background. Want to check out yourself? Take a look below –

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