AK Sawhney fought the real-life case of a Pakistani woman and her daughter in an Indian jail which was made into a ZEE5 Original web series Kaafir.

Exclusive Details Revealed By Advocate A.K. Sawhney About The Real-Life Story Of Kaafir

“Wo aese haath bahar nikal rahi thi from behind the bars of a jail Jaise zoo mein Bandar ko hum Kuch date hai aur wo aata hai bhaag ke,” advocate A.K. Sawhney describes his first meeting with Mobin, Shehnaz Akhatar’s daughter. If not for lawyer Sawhney, Pakistani Shehnaz and her Indian daughter Mobin would have withered away as time almost became a notion in their lives.

He adds, “In the jail, she was raped by the jailer himself. Thereafter she conceived in the jail itself, during periodical medical check-up she was found to be pregnant. The matter then came into the limelight, it became trouble for those prison people as to how this happened. It was reported to Director General of Police, Zeran Haveli. We call him a Director-General of Prison.
He came to Poonch via a helicopter and then he met her for the first time. She narrated her story for the first time to that officer. She told him that she was alone in the jail, the jailer raped her one night and there was nobody else in the cell at that time. He then took the initiative, taking the sensitivity into consideration, and transferred Shehnaz to Jammu district jail Amphala.”

Vedant and Kainaaz’s love story is a fictional segment of the story. For, in reality, Sawhney was happily married and had kids when he met Shehnaz. The lawyer only took up her case as an act of humanity and was moved by the ‘jailbird’ as he called Shehnaz’s daughter Mobin. His relationship with Shehnaz and Mobin was truly out of humanity and the romantic angle shown in the web show is a fictional take.

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