Three seasons of Gandii Baat are out and are some favorite moments throughout the seasons.

Favorite moments from Gandii Baat throuughout the seasons

Gandii Baat means Dirty Talks is all about the adultery happening in the rural areas. While we are focusing on the urban level high profile Rape cases and murders. There are a lot of similar activities happening in low profile rural areas and in the backward areas and this series, through all its three seasons has brought to light some of such issues faced by men and women both.

Here we are with some of the favorite moments and episodes throughout all the seasons of Gandii Baat.

1) Season 1 Episode 2 (Tharki Buddha)

This episode is telling us the difficulties a family has to face because of an old man. The old man is ready to go to any extent to fulfill his lust and has an eye on his own daughter-in-law. The episode is one of our favorites as it has opened up our eyes to a new angle of lust.

2) Season 2 Episode 3 (Gibraltar)

The best moment in this episode is when Seema decides to teach Bhushan a lesson that can possibly change his behavior and stop humiliating her.

3) Season 3 Episode 2 (Harpreet weds Harpreet)

This episode is our favorite because of the confusion we get to witness of Jogi’s to deal with the multiple Harpreet’s he comes across and how surprising it is for him when the reality behind all the Harpreet confusion is revealed.

Gandii Baat, along with all the sexual content and thrill in the series, is also famous for the amount of suspense that is involved in every episode. These are our choices of favorite moments. Do tell us your choices through the comments.

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