Hostages is a Hotstar special that has caught the attention of the viewers for all the rave reviews it has received in such a short span of airing

Hostages should be on your To-Watch list this weekend and here’s why!

Hotstar has come up with yet another special and we know it’s a gem alright. It has just recently released and audiences have already been whispering about how good the trailer was and how the show is living up to it; makes you want to watch this show right away, doesn’t it?

It’s a very enduring and gripping tale of the Anand family, who are held at gunpoint for a heinous task to be performed and if it doesn’t go down, then they do. Dr. Mira Anand is a surgeon in a renowned hospital while her husband is a school principal. Just the night prior to a big operation, kidnapper and his gang enter to hold the couple and their two grown-up kid hostages.

Hostages should be on your To-Watch list this weekend and here’s why! 1

What is interesting to watch is how the kidnappers here aren’t unreasonable and snappy with ego and anger like the ones we usually see in movies and serials. The emotional quotient between these kidnappers and the hostage family is definitely worth experiencing. And as the concept of twists and turns goes, right when you aren’t expecting anything at all, there is a new revelation waiting for you.

Seasoned actors Tisca Chopra and Ronit Roy bring the show home with their amazing acting chops and their emotions and expressions are all too real for the viewers; definitely gives you goosebumps even if they are the ones in danger.

The show has provided a very clean role to each character and the story unfolds well in time, leaving the audience with the appropriate amount of suspense to know all the details. All in all, Hostages is a very enticing series to binge-watch and the story will definitely keep you at the edge of your seats right till the end.

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