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Formers as a web series Amazon prime where the story talks about for girls for ladies living independently and they meet each other accidentally in a bar and to the similarities, the four of them get attached to each other.

All that we know about the Four More Shots Season 2

Before ladies harsh on when they are not less than anyone and can lead their own life with their terms. The season was was a huge success because a lot of audiences love the concept of for ladies in the individual personality is which words some similar to the real-life people ladies around.

In 4 more shots, therefore, ladies they are Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti kulhari, and Manvi Gagro. This spectacular for ladies are ruling the show. the four personalities are where the shows that girls are no less than means to try to convey the society with their attitudes and their work. Young girls made each other in the bars and due to similar personalities, they became friends and more of best friends with some same point of you towards looking at the world. Living with self rules and not under the pressure of society.

The first season Binay use success and lot of audience great response makers have been singing II season 2 when the same caste will be seen people are very eager to know about the 2nd season when they will share the life opportunities and the love chemistry. The second season will be more interesting as they will show more independent and will show some love stories and some working on self and more friendship and exploring the personalities of every girl.

Where in society girls are not given the priorities and are been derived from something suggest shows give you some more of strength to work and to show your capabilities and to not be under the belt.

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