The Other Love Story tells the tale of two women falling in love at a time when homophobia was still rampant in India. It is set in the 90s, an era before the Internet and mobile phones took over our lives when we still had to rely on love letters and landlines to exchange sweet nothings.

The Other Love Story: Everything you should know about this same-sex love drama

“You know, she is this purest thing. Everything feels so perfect when I am with her”

Finally, Roopa was able to raise money for the film through crowdfunding, which shows the appetite that Indian audiences have for offbeat narratives.

The popularity of YouTube has to lead to a certain democratization of media, which has helped filmmakers address issues that are traditionally considered taboo. Web-series often take a step back from elaborate sets and melodrama to address pressing topics that need to be discussed.

The series traces the love story between two neighbours, Adhya and Aanchal, who live in Bengaluru. The dialogues are in English, Hindi and Kannada. Roopa told Deccan Chronicle, “Today one can go online and find so much information and groups that support them, but back in the ’90s there was nothing. This story follows how two neighbours meet, feel something and slowly find the courage to work on their feelings.”

This goosebump-inducing, old school romance story between two college girls, which despite its complex premise, made it appear to be nothing but just pure love between two individuals. The Logical Indian spoke to Roopa Rao, the writer and director of The ‘Other’ Love Story, on what went behind the making of a web series which dealt with a subject which is largely considered to be taboo even today in such simplistic manner.

The love story between the two is very beautifully portrayed, it seems very realistic, and is a total must-watch.

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