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Avneet Kaur and her family are very close together but they haven't quite been in the limelight with her.

Meet The Real Family Of Avneet Kaur!

Avneet Kaur was born on 13 October, 2001. She was born and brought up in Jalandhar, Punjab. Her schooling happened at the local Police DAV Public School and she was an ace student.

But, not much is known about her real-life family. Well, we finally have the information we need. Avneet Kaur is a lady of the people. However, she prioritizes her family. She has a mother, Sonia Nandra at home, along with a brother, Jaijeet Singh. Her father, Amandeep Nandra also lives with her. And, more importantly, they all love each other and live together. Since Avneet is on the road a lot of the times. She recently said that she missed spending time at home with her family. Just like we all would.

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