Amazon Prime Videos have announced a new original series on its online streaming platform titled 'Skulls and Roses'.

Reasons why we are excited about Amazon Prime’s Original Skulls & Roses

It is created by Monozygotic production house which is owned by twins Raghu – Rajiv Lakshman. Set in an exotic international destination, this series is going to be first of its kind which would combine the rare attributes of romance and adventure. The challenges and thrills set during the show will make love and survival collide.

As Amazon Prime Video claimed it as an all-new and unscripted series which would be one of its kind reality show formats that revolve around romance and adventure. The participants would be put through tests which will check their daring and audacity.

Participants would be forming couples and bond of love on Rose Island of the show thereafter their authenticity and bravery would be checked on Skull Island formatted by the show itself. The test conducted would determine which feeling can overcome the other – love or self-preservation.
As claimed by the show producer, it would be the final test to check what contestant chooses under different challenges between love, trust, survival, and the betrayal.

Reasons why we are excited about Amazon Prime's Original Skulls & Roses

Even the host of this television show is dynamic duo Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman who has earlier hosted various reality shows.

Raghu quoted about the show that it is the age of dating apps and young couples are not much interested and find it’s difficult to deal with the problems of a committed relationship. And hence they choose for self-love and self-growth. This conflict among WE vs ME has been magnified in this show where the consequences and their result will shape the status of the relationship. According to him those who would choose love will have the chance to stay in Paradise but survival would happen only alone.

According to the Director, Content, Amazon Prime Video India, Vijay Subramaniam- Prime members are enthusiastic about reality shows with comedy and music-based concepts and are waiting for more bold concepts like this which combines rare feelings in unscripted content space.

Rajiv Lakshman was quoted saying that it is first of its kind format introduced on Indian television where the two opposite worlds will come together on a reality show. According to him, the concept is very intriguing for the host as well as the participants as they will be able to breathe air-filled with thrills and chills during the show.

The entry for the show is open and anyone above the age of 18 can apply for the show but would have to be tough, adventurous and have the instinct of survival to be footed on the show’s format till last.

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