Four More Shots Please! season 2 is coming; what say? Excited

All the reasons why we’re excited about Four More Shots Please! Season 2

We are 98 % sure this could be a story that you’ve likely heard previously.

Four ladies (Damini, Umang, Siddhi, and Anjana) in Mumbai, the city that never rests, get together consistently to gorge talk and become crush inebriated at their preferred carport bar; who speak of their daily chaos, lift each other up, give advice to fight back just over the repeated shots of tequila. Their idea of perfection is completely redefined in their own terms.

“Four More Shots Please!”, directed by Anu Menon, written by Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra, channeled out in 25th January 2019, is a cut of-life story, a severely reasonable representation of what it resembles to be urban in a nation trapped in a steady fight between the customary and present day, to be an undismayed lady in a nation that only occasionally values its ladies, to be free in a nation made up for the lost time in chains, to be straightforward in a nation that blossoms in insincerity.

Sources say, that it is all set to release its second season, with a lot more addition to it, secrets and the aftermath! But don’t head toward it if you haven’t watched the Season 1 yet.

Here goes the trailer of both! Enjoy with a bowl of popcorn!

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