Let’s find out which one of these is your favourite web series, Mirzapur or Four More Shots Please

Mirzapur Vs Four More Shots Please: Which is Your Favourite Amazon Prime Series?

With the rise of web-series, these two Amazon Prime web series, Mirzapur and Four More Shots Please have gotten a decent amount of views and fan following. Though both of them are from different genres, yet, have gotten a coherent number of critics and fans too.

Mirzapur, the spine-chilling web series, which is based out in crime, revolves around the mafia wars and revenge. Mostly spun up by Kaleen Bhaiya, the main lead of the series and other characterisation too. The best part of the series was, each and every character had its own specific roles to carry and importance. Also, the way it portrayed the realistic values and linguistics of the place itself, is utterly commendable. Now, those who really loved this series, are a definite fan of crime thrillers and antagonism. But if you haven’t yet watched the series yet, here goes a small trailer.

Four More Shots Please, is a grand web-series which contemporary attitude and individualistic approach. The series revolves around 4 women and how they lead their lives in their own terms, but also happen to get judged by others. The series has been criticised a lot for its controversial approach toward their journey and destiny. But yet, the series managed to get a decent number of fans. Here is the trailer!

Let us know in the comments below, which one is your favourite and why!

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