Thappad fame actor Ankur Rathee has a great eye for the perfect fashion and style quotient. Check it out here.

Thappad fame actor Ankur Rathee REVEALS his fashion and style inspiration

Ankur Rathee the Indian-American actor who was recently seen in the Taapsee Pannu film Thappad has a good physique and style that makes him loved by one and all.

He is an amazing dancer and his work in films and on the web platform have been amazing. His recent works for the digital platform have been Hello Mini, Made In Heaven, Four More Shots Please.

In an interesting talk with over his fashion and style statement, Ankur Rathee answered our quick questions with utmost honesty and conviction.

Check out here.

#Ishtyle for you in one word: Pulsating

Favourite item in your wardrobe: Zara black turtleneck

Style that makes you feel sexy: Formal (tuxedo, bowtie)

The style chosen the most when you dance: Hip-hop

Your fashion inspiration: Brad Pitt

Your style inspiration: Will Smith

What would be your ‘dress to kill’ on a perfect date: White button-up, black skinny tie

Sweatshirts or shirts: Sweatshirts (I miss layering in cold weather!)

Indian or western: Western

Your favourite dress worn during lockdown: I ran out of masks, so I wore my teal colored boxer briefs on my head to cover my face. Absolute favorite!!

What do you miss the most in dressing up during this lockdown: I miss my accessories: watches, rings, chains, belts, shoes…oh Lord, I miss wearing my shoes!

Fashion advise to fans: If you like it, wear it. If they don’t like it, tell them to look away. Shine bright. Not your problem they can’t handle your light.

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