Don't miss out watching Varun Thakur live in action

Reasons to Watch Indian Stand-Up Comedian Varun Thakur Live in Action

Can you ever imagine holding a Master’s degree in film-making from the University of Bristol, England, and ending up as a stand-up comedian? Here we have Varun Thakur, a stand-up comedian, who is a successful personality and all this is because of his incredible funny nature. Give your inner talent a chance they say, and he has done it in the right way! He knew he was probably going to be behind or before the camera, but had never imagined being one of the top comedians in India.

Well, here are the reasons to watch him live in action! He is an outstanding comedian plus actor, which makes his jokes turn into enacted humor. Varun has great experience knowing the audience and handling a room full of people. He is much more conditioned and knows where to drag a joke. He loves doing characters while on stage and makes people go ROFL for his acting. Sarcasm is undoubtedly the reason for his popularity. So, lift up your hearts to laugh out loud watching Varun live in action.

Here’s a glance of his comedy that you shouldn’t miss.

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