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We often come across stars on various digital that end up blowing up the internet and become sensational stars. Two such stars that we know of are Avneet Kaur and Reem Shaikh and we just can’t seem to decide who the true TikTok Queen among them is.

The true TikTok Queen: Avneet Kaur or Reem Shaikh

Avneet Kaur is by far one of the most loved stars on TikTok which is a digital platform for people of all age groups to flaunt their talent. Avneet Kaur is widely recognized across the country among fans of all age groups for her work on the telly show Aladdin where she played her role commendably. But when the actress took on to this app, she showed us her true self and we are all in awe of her. The actress usually posts videos that are sweet in nature with cute expressions and often flaunting some dance moves too. What we can’t get over is her dark eyes, precious smile and long locks.

On the other hand, we have Reem Shaikh, the actress who took our breaths away ever since she first appeared on screen. She is seen on the show Tujhse Hai Raabta. But has shown of her talent on this platform enough to prove to us how versatile she can be. She is also looked up to when it comes to fashion either with her on screen outfits or the off screen ones too. The star is seen posting cute content every now and then, so cute that it just goes viral. It comes as no surprise that she is a TikTok star too.

We find both these stars equally good and just can’t decide between who is the true TikTok Queen. Hence we now lay the decision on you. Let us know your answer below.

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