Check Sidneet romantic moments down below

“[IN VIDEO] Avneet Kaur and Siddharth Nigam ROMANTIC Moments

With Aladdin getting all the fame, we can’t deny that Siddharth and Avneet’s insane chemistry has been winning hearts since the beginning, fans have become attached to these two characters. While their on-screen sentiment is making individuals liquefy, their genuine kinship proves that they are great friends. Rumours are sprawling over that they are in a relationship; These two have been supposed to be a couple for quite a while. While they have denied any such cases and their “Care of’s” have completely denied it as well and said that they are too young to get involved in a romantic relationship! The two keep on engaging their fans on TV just as social media. The two stars have a huge appeal on Instagram and TikTok.

But this video will prove it wrong, and would make you believe that they are! The captures prove how close they are, and if they are indeed in a relationship, they will rock it together! They look picture-perfect, everywhere, both are super hot and would suit the best!

Here is the video, check and let us know!

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