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Amit Sadh and Manjari Phadnis are featuring in the Barot house movie in which they battle with some demons in their own house on Zee5 platform.

Web Series to binge this weekend: Barot House

This new movie has unleashed the unseen side of actor Amit Sadh. This is a mystery thriller and/or whodunit crime stories, in which Manjari Phadnis along with her kids suffers A tragedy in their own house. This movie which is original of Zee5 is a disturbing thriller which revolves around a Happy family and their four beautiful children. The families happiness vanishes away when the daughter of the family got brutally killed and was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in the house.

The series is very intriguing for the audience as the loss of little girl change the life of the entire family as each member reacts in their way to the tragedy.

Based on a true occurrence, the members of Barot family are struggling to come together as an ideal unit. Amit discriminates between his two daughters and his son Malhar whom he adorably called as Ustad. He is a genius tabla player.

When Amit’s two daughters are killed in the house he considered himself to be guilty of ignoring them and beat himself up for not caring them while they were alive.

The climax of the movie is simply out of guessable range which will leave the audience open-mouthed. So, binge-watch the series if you are a die-hard fan of horror flicks.

There has been a series of brutal and gruesome killing in the family of the Barot which tears apart and destroys the relationship between the father and son, played by Amit Sadh and Aaryan Menghji, existing in the family. The suspense thriller is very immersive for the audiences because when the truth was discovered the whole family was into further turmoil. Aaryan has showcased ease in his expressions and misleads us whenever required. He has been able to steal the limelight of the show with his acting skills in the movie.

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